Shawn Rivera

New York Native


Hi, I’m Shawn.

New York City native, Hunter College alum.

I currently work in the mental health field, though my personal interests reach far beyond that. Cycling, coding, photography, and inventing are just a few passions of mine. These passions stand to demonstrate my work ethic and skill set. I am willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, have a knack for creative problem solving, ability to think outside the box, and able to network with the best of them.

I am always looking out for new opportunities, whether that is a new career path that is calling my name or a chance to meet someone who can teach me something new.

Be sure to check out my resume and be sure to contact me if you wish to say hi(re me).


Resident Advisor at The Bridge INC.

As a Resident Advisor, I work with young adults aging out of foster care with a history of mental illness and adults who have a history of mental illness and/or substance abuse. Being in this role, I have been able to bring together my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with my desire to make an impact in the lives of others. Not only do I have day-to-day client interactions that give me purpose, I also run vocational groups to teach clients the skills to land and maintain a job. Since I am tech-savvy, my co-workers and clients often come to me to help them with their computer needs.

Student Intern with the Welfare Rights Initiative

While attending Hunter College, I had the exciting and rewarding opportunity to intern with the Welfare Rights Initiative, whose main mission is to assist as well as advocate for those receiving public assistance to have access to education. While interning with the amazing staff, I learned many valuable skills that I will carry over for the rest of my life. There is a large stigma around people who receive public assistance and many of the stereotypes are far from correct. I facilitated “Know Your Rights” panels where I would not only discuss the education rights of those on public assistance, but also how to navigate all of the hurdles that will be thrown their way. Luckily one of my favorite experiences was being part of a panel about access to education with the (then) newly appointed head of the Human Rights Administration, Steven Banks. Through our advocating efforts, we were able to get four year schools to count for Work Experience Program hours which were a huge hindrance to those trying to further their education. I am forever grateful for the internship and the people who I worked with.

Health Educator with the Peer Health Exhcange

Teaching pregnancy prevention workshops to ninth graders around New York City who lacked a comprehensive healthcare course was a great experience. Being a volunteer, it taught me that not everything rewarding comes with money. It gave me discipline to put in the prep work to teach the evidence-based curriculum as it was a long script that needed practice in between school work. After getting the curriculum down, I was able to enhance my public speaking skills together with making me comfortable giving presentations through weekly trainings. I have always been interested in both physical and mental health. By the end of the school year, I was proud knowing I touched the lives with knowledge to over 100 students during workshops and taught them information that could have potentially altered their lives.


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